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Industrial Oven
Industrial Oven chambers are designed to treat raw materials and test samples at high temperatures to remove moisture and water content. These machines are available in many different variants as per their power ratings.

Laboratory Incubator
We are offering highly robust and energy efficient INCUBATOR machines that are widely used in laboratories to create artificial atmospheric conditions to ensure optimal growth of microbiological and cell cultures.
Industrial Autoclave
AUTOCLAVE machines are high pressure systems that are designed to disinfect surgical tools, laboratory components, and other products with the help of a high pressure stream produced within the processing chamber. These units come in many different variants as per their pressure ratings.
Water Bath
WATER BATH units manufactured and supplied by our company are specially designed for heat treatment of volatile test samples. These tabletop laboratory devices can be delivered to our clients at a low price.

Water Still
WATER STILL distillers are highly durable stainless steel units that function by heating the water samples to the volatile phase and then separating non-volatile impurities. Get these heavy duty distillers from our company with the assurance of fast and safe delivery.
Hot Plate
Buy from us energy efficient Hot Plate devices that are commonly used in laboratories to heat various types of test materials. These electrically powered instruments are available in circular as well as rectangular designs, as per the order placed by our customers.
Industrial Furnace
Our company is known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of FURNACE chambers that come in a variety of designs, sizes, and power ratings. These heavy duty heat treatment machines can be delivered to our clients at a reasonable price.
Heating Mantle
HEATING MANTEL units are high performance heating devices that are commonly used to perform operations such as evaporation, distillation, boiling, and extraction. Buy from us these electrically powered instruments with the assurance of fast and safe delivery.
Laboratory Sterilizer
STERLIZER chambers manufactured and supplied by our company are highly demanding due to their high robustness and energy efficiency. Get these steam-based sterilization machines at a low price.

Laboratory Apparatus
Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of high performance laboratory APPARATUS to perform various operations. These units are available in many different variants and sizes.
Soxhlet Extraction Units
Buy from us robust and energy efficient Soxhlet Extraction Units that can be used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and various other industries to perform extraction processes. The offered machines are capable of removing fat, sludge, and other unwanted substances.
Stability Chamber
Our company offers a wide range of electrically powered STABITITY CHAMBER units that can be used in pharmaceutical industries, chemical labs, and medical facilities to keep samples at desired climatic conditions. These units are provided with an intelligent controller to set operational values for efficient functioning.

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